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Are you an IBDP or IGCSE student looking for a boost to your English international exam skills? Look no further! NTK professional English experts have got some helpful tips for you. IBDP Tips Paper 1 1. Begin by reading the entire text (including images for Language and Literature) to pick up on the context, suchContinue reading “【Learn from NTK English Team】Don’t Miss out! 10 Must-Know Tips for IBDP and IGCSE English Exams from Our Global English Experts”

Do you want to get the most out of your Easter term break? Do you aim for the highest grades possible in the IBDP, GCE AL, and IGCSE Exam? NTK’s Easter Term Break Intensive Course is your best option. This is the final call to enrol in our intensive course for Junior Academy, IBDP, GCEContinue reading “【NTK Easter Term Break Intensive Course】Last call for enrolment: Make your Easter term break productive and fruitful!”

Are you feeling anxious about the upcoming international exams? Do you want to be fully prepared and confident to ace your exams? We are here to help! NTK Exam Drilling Course is designed to increase students’ competence and confidence for the exams by providing intensive training in time management and exam-taking strategies. The course isContinue reading “【NTK Exam Drilling Course】Don’t let exam anxiety hold you back – Join our Exam Drilling Course TODAY!”

Time is running out! Do you need help to revise well in the time you have left? We’ve got some excellent news for you! Our Last Minute Exam Preparation Camp, designed exclusively for IGCSE, IBDP, GCE AL, and SAT® students, is something we are thrilled to announce. It is suitable for either first or secondContinue reading “【NTK Last-Minute Day Camp】Maximise Your Exam Scores with NTK’s Last-Minute Preparation Camp!”

The international exam is just around the corner, and we understand the urge to get fully prepared and confident for the challenges ahead, that’s why we are offering a comprehensive last-minute day camp in April. In this one-day camp, you will practise past papers by topics to refine your time management skills and to digContinue reading “【NTK Last-Minute Day Camp】Get the Last-Minute Boost for the Exam in just One day. Enrol now!”

The Easter term break lasts a few weeks, which is a good time for you to better prepare for the future studies. NTK Easter Term Break Intensive Course, designed for IBDP, GCE AL, IGCSE, and Junior Academy students in their 1st Year and 2nd Year, will guide you through the key points in the latestContinue reading “【NTK Easter Term Break Intensive Course】Enrol NOW! Make full use of your Easter term break and get a head start on your future studies!”

With only 40 days before the international exams, there is insufficient time to restart a thorough review of the knowledge. Instead, you could have some drilling training by doing mock papers to improve your academic performance. NTK’s Exam Drilling Course aims at IBDP, IGCSE, GCE AL and AP® students. The courses are taught by ourContinue reading “【Last Call for NTK Exam Drilling Course】Seize the last chance to improve your academic performance within 40 days”

For over two decades, NTK has provided the Exam Drilling Course during the final sprint before international exams, which is aimed at IBDP, IGCSE, GCE AL and AP® Exam students. NTK has proudly offered its students a pathway to the world’s top schools and universities.  NTK students have a track record of achieving high scoresContinue reading “【Only 50 days left】 Boost Your Exam Prep with NTK’s Exam Drilling Course. Don’t miss out!”