NTK Spring Intensive and Easter Drilling

How much preparation have you done for your exams in the early summer?

Spring is the time to start preparing for exams! Students must assimilate the materials before gearing up for full-paper drilling during the Easter and Study Break. For over 25 years NTK has, at this time of year, helped students consolidate their understanding of important concepts, acquire and practise exam-taking skills.

NTK is dedicated to helping students to prepare for their exams in the early summer. The Super Intensive Course is designed to cover the entire syllabus of the subject in 36 or less intensive study hours. Each lesson focuses on exam questions and their answers on selected topics with extended guidance on important and foundational concepts.

Students aiming to receive 6 or 7 in their IB exams must fully understand each of the marking criteria of the exam papers. NTK’s Super Intensive Elite Course analyses and reviews official IB Examiners’ reports covering the answering strategies and techniques for challenging questions.

Most students have been practising on past papers in their school; to better prepare for coming final or mock exams, it is of utmost importance that students practise with more unseen questions during the Easter Study Break. NTK’s real Examiners and Curriculum Specialists, following the curriculum changes and question trends, designed full mock papers for each of the exams with overall more than 85% accuracy in terms of question types and related topics.

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