Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year

Lost in translation: a common phenomenon in this century when IT becomes ICT!

The term ‘Information Technology’ (IT) had been replaced by ‘Information and Communication Technology’ (ICT) at the turn of the century. Communication has since been facilitated by technology, moreover, easily accessible online translation tools modified the way that language could and should be acquired.

A bilingual person would immediately recognise that Gong Xi Fa Cai can be literally translated to ‘Congratulations on your prosperity and wealth’, and, of course, with the context in which we use it, we understand that it should be translated to ‘Happy Chinese New Year’ in English. 

Language is, in itself, fascinating; the study of it can be fun, and challenging! We are in an era where bilingualism will become an essential prerequisite to success, learning the use of languages beyond the reliance of Google Translate has become increasingly important in students’ academic and future professional careers.

NTK offers language courses across the ages to help students achieve academic success. We help students with all levels of English and Chinese, as well as modern languages to achieve their fullest potential in exams. 

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