How do you memorise the key concepts for your exams?

Quarantine is a word originated from Italian words quaranta giorni, which literally translates to “40 days”. It was the number of days a ship must sit at anchor before landing in Venice in the Middle Ages during an epidemic.  We are lucky the function of the word remains while the number of the days has dropped over the centuries.

The fascinating field of Etymology, study of the origin of words, can sometimes help students to better understand and memorise keywords in their studies. NTK subject specialists help students to retain and apply concepts in their exams with various memorisation techniques and exam taking strategies.

Easter Intensive and Exam Drilling Courses are open for registration. NTK courses are suitable for IBDP, I/GCSE, GCE/IAL, AP, ACT/SAT/SSAT, IB MYP and all local and international bridging curricula under the Junior Academy, please contact our Education Services Officers for details.

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