Sometimes, in-class study isn’t enough to ensure academic success. With this in mind, NTK has produced a wide selection of study guides and textbooks as effective companions for achieving top scores. Developed by our in-house publishing team, these publications cater not only to the IB and the UK I/GCSE exam systems, but to US SAT® and SSAT exams as well. To date, NTK has published over 45 study guides. You can be sure that when you purchase an NTK publication, you are purchasing the best.

Half-price Sale Notice

As part of the celebration of NTK’s 25th anniversary, all books listed under NTK Publishing Limited are now on a half-price sale. With our high-calibre study companions, we aim to help students streamline their study process and boost their exam performance. For 25 years, we have appreciated your loyal patronage and as a show of that appreciation, we are pleased to present this sale to all of you. 

International Baccalaureate (IB)

ISBN 9789881487049

IB360 – IBDP Mathematics Analysis and Approaches Standard Level

HKD 320 160

ISBN 9789881555441

IB360 – IBDP Biology Standard & Higher Level

HKD 320 160

ISBN 9789881486929

IB360 – IBDP Chinese B Standard & Higher Level Simplified Characters

HKD 300 150

ISBN 9789881555540

IBDP Study Guide Chinese B Writing: Simplified Characters

HKD 285 143

IB Middle Years Programme (IB MYP)

ISBN 9789881486967

IBMYP Mathematics Drilling Exercises Level 1–2

HKD 230 115

ISBN 9789881555472

IBMYP Mathematics Study Guide Level 3

HKD 230 115

ISBN 9789881899040

IBMYP Mathematics Study Guide Level 5

HKD 230 115

ISBN 9789881555564

Chinese Argumentative Writing (for IBMYP/IGCSE) Simplified Characters

HKD 160 80

ISBN 9789881555465

Chinese Narrative Writing (for IBMYP/IGCSE) Simplified Characters

HKD 160 80

ISBN 9789881555519

Chinese Practical Creative Writing (for IBMYP) Traditional Characters

HKD 160 80


ISBN 9789881486943

Cambridge IGCSE Biology Study Guide

HKD 290 145

ISBN 9789881486981

Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics Study Guide

HKD 280 140

ISBN 9789881486936

International GCSE 9-1 Biology Edexcel

HKD 280 140

ISBN 9789881486950

International GCSE 9-1 Chemistry Edexcel

HKD 300 150

ISBN 9789881487001

International GCSE 9-1 Mathematics A Higher Tier Edexcel

HKD 300 150

ISBN 9789881486974

International GCSE 9-1 Economics Edexcel

HKD 280 140


ISBN 9789881555496

SSAT Study Guide for Writing, Reading Comprehension, and Verbal

HKD 200 100