US Curricula

US Curricula Courses

NTK takes care of all students who are seeking for academic guidance, and surely that includes pupils following the US curricula and preparing for the PSAT / SAT®/ACT®/AP® tests.

AP®/US High School Course

For those attending US high school or taking the AP® exam, our courses consolidate subject knowledge and, leaning on that basis, develop your all-round academic abilities. We present College Board authorized AP® courses, which walk you through subject knowledge and train you for the actual AP® exam. Time management, as well as section-specific skills that fulfill the official marking criteria are some of the abilities we hone in on, developing your potential for excellence.

SAT®/ACT® Test Prep

For students looking to apply to US universities, the SAT®/ACT® tests can seem daunting. Understanding that stress and anxiety, we offer SAT®/ACT® Test Prep courses which ease students into these tests’ unique format, and provide personalized guidance on choosing the test that fits your capabilities. You will be equipped with techniques such as skimming and scanning, identifying key words, interpreting ambiguous questions, and spotting incorrect options through elimination. Learning all these highly applicable techniques, you get to utilize them with our in-house SAT®/ACT® practice papers, and evaluate your performance in simulated exam conditions.

PSAT® Test Prep

The PSAT is the preliminary version of the SAT®, which increases students’ chances of candidacy for university scholarships. This course will build on students’ skills for the reading, writing and math sections. More to that, with strengthened time allocation techniques, you will certainly ace the real exams

Course Highlights

Absorb and utilize effective test-taking skills like interpretation and elimination
Familiarize with the unique exam format and choose the right test for yourself (ACT®/SAT®)
Apply subject knowledge to exam questions with precision

A Highly-qualified US Team

Our US team boasts graduates from Ivy League universities and other highly-acclaimed universities, such as Yale, Brown, John Hopkins, George Washington and UCLA, who are themselves experts in the pedagogy sector. Their first-hand experience with the curricula and a proven track record in top-notch education will be essential in catapulting students to success in US tests.