Monthly Archives: March 2022

NTK is committed to supporting students for their studies. With the current uncertainties looming around the city, NTK introduces an exclusive offer for students enrolling to the Easter Intensive Course starting on March 28.  The Easter Intensive Course is designed to help IBDP, IGCSE and GCE AS/AL students to review key topics in their studies.Continue reading “Easter Intensive Course Offer – Limited Space Left”

Practice makes perfect! This is the universal truth for many disciplines, especially when it is applied to studying. Schools usually would give ample past papers for students to practice. Nevertheless, those questions are often recycled in their homeworks and/or term assessments. NTK knows how students could benefit from practicing on fresh questions that are likelyContinue reading “【NTK – Exam Drilling Papers】Devised by real Examiners”

There are numerous theories and claims about COVID-19 across the globe; the surge of “fake” news and “pretended” experts became a byproduct of the technological advancement in communication. How do we separate real knowledge from false claims? Theory of Knowledge (TOK), the core subject in the IBDP curriculum, offers guidance to students to answer theContinue reading “Schooling may be interrupted or changed, learning continues”