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There are many differences between IB MYP and IGCSE. In a nutshell, IB MYP is a framework, IGCSE is a curriculum. In layman terms, IB MYP allows teachers to build a curriculum with guidelines; IGCSE is taught with straightforward teaching expecting specific outcomes (external examinations). In general, IGCSE examinations have the so-called right answers orContinue reading “【NTK IB MYP vs IGCSE】The school chose the programme, do we have a choice?”

IBDP has been known for the last few decades to help shape students into becoming a holistic learner before the post-secondary education. With increased local students taking the international school pathway midway through their studies, many students are now qualified to complete the Diploma with both Language A options. An IBBD opens the doors toContinue reading “IB”BD” International Baccalaureate Bilingual Diploma”

Post-secondary education is now readily accessible to students across the globe. An undergraduate degree becomes the basic requirement for most jobs in the market. The competitive advantage now lies on the choice of programme and the University in which the students will complete the degree. Although selective Universities admit students with their own criteria, theyContinue reading “NTK Seminar – Key Choices to University Applications – May 21”

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity entails two ways that a person can experience time slower compared to a non-accelerating observer. A person traveling at high speed or experiencing higher gravitational force would observe a second longer than a second from the Greenwich clock. Both theories were tested and actually applied in the real world (namely beingContinue reading “Do you wish you would have more time to study for your final exams?”

Get ready to extend your social virtuality to reality! New terms emerge every day, technological advancement has now put us in the world of “extended reality” (XR). The term encompasses the combination of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR), which will slowly and surely become a part of our reality inContinue reading “NTK Announcement – Face-to-face learning resumes on April 19”

In a nutshell, the most excellent and lamentable tragedy in literature happened when a message did not get to Romeo, exiled to Mantua, warning him that Juliet was faking her death. Failing to deliver the letter out of Verona, Friar John explained that no messenger in the city, “[w]here the infectious pestilence did reign,” wouldContinue reading “Social distancing caused the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet?”

NTK is committed to supporting students for their studies. With the current uncertainties looming around the city, NTK introduces an exclusive offer for students enrolling to the Easter Intensive Course starting on March 28.  The Easter Intensive Course is designed to help IBDP, IGCSE and GCE AS/AL students to review key topics in their studies.Continue reading “Easter Intensive Course Offer – Limited Space Left”

Practice makes perfect! This is the universal truth for many disciplines, especially when it is applied to studying. Schools usually would give ample past papers for students to practice. Nevertheless, those questions are often recycled in their homeworks and/or term assessments. NTK knows how students could benefit from practicing on fresh questions that are likelyContinue reading “【NTK – Exam Drilling Papers】Devised by real Examiners”