About NTK Educational Consulting

With 25 years of experience in the admissions process, NTK provides consultation and academic planning to pave students’ ways for admission to US boarding school, International schools in Hong Kong  and US/ UK top universities

Our Services

  • Provide admissions strategies for US/ UK universities, international schools in Hong Kong and US boarding schools
  • Consultation on university applications and course recommendations
  • Coaching on personal statements, college essays and interviews
  • Guidance on proper test preparation and exam drilling on IB, GCE, IAL, I/GCSE, AP®, SAT®, ACT® and other international curricula

Why NTK Educational Consulting?

Applicant Evaluation

As a leader in academic services in Hong Kong, our consultants explore the applicant’s strengths and interests, and together, determine long- term goals and short- term objectives.

Planning Strategies

A combination of academic results and extra-curricular activities will strengthen a candidate’s profile. With our expertise, we can help students gain a competitive edge and distinguish them from others.

Access to high-quality academic tutoring

Since 1996, NTK has maintained its well- deserved title as the leading academic tutoring centre in Hong Kong, helping students excel in IB, GCE, IAL, I/GCSE, AP® and other international curricula.

Competence coaching

Based on our understanding of admission requirements and trends, we assist applicants in crafting and polishing their personal statements/ essays and enhancing interview skills to showcase in their best attributes.

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My son had a FANTASTIC hour with the new history teacher today. He said he is the best tutor he has ever come across (not to say that the others aren’t great too). He said the teacher is just amazing. He was knowledgeable, precise, detailed, organized and structured — and most of all, he knew what he was teaching.

My son said he would like to have lessons with him every day (which his mom has already booked, clever!). He really enjoyed his session with Mr. E. and it really made his day — not to mention mine too!

— J. W. (IBMYP History)

Congratulations on producing another 800! Must have been a difficult task teaching an IB standard level student who was not familiar with the US curriculum. Thank you very much for your teaching! I wouldn’t have gotten such a high mark without you.

— D.J. (SAT Chemistry)

I just want to tell you that I got into Rice University! I don’t think this could have happened without your help. Thank you for my SAT chemistry class. It really helped my application. Now all I have to do is focus on my grades with a relaxed attitude. Thank you.

— Ernest (SAT Chemistry)

Guess what? I got an 800 on SAT Chemistry! Thank you so much!

— Jeremy (SAT Chemistry)

I have now become very successful in Australia, and I will never forget those who helped me along the way. I would very much like to thank all the teachers who taught me before. When I was under a lot of pressure, NTK was like a second home to me because teachers there were always so understanding whilst being totally professional as well.

— P. C. (Admission Consulting)

My son has exceeded all expectations in the Physics IGCSE mock exam. His teacher deserves tremendous credit for this achievement. He has been of great help.

— Mrs. R. (IGCSE Physics)

My son has shown great improvement in science after having lessons at NTK during the summer. I will definitely book more lessons with him in the future if time allows.

— Mrs. C. (Private Group Science)

I got a perfect mark in my last Math test. I had never achieved such a high mark before. It’s all thanks to my teacher!

— E. Y. (IBDP Math)

My daughter got a decent score, 760/800 in SAT II Chinese after using the SAT II Chinese book for self-study. I would like to thank NTK Learning Center for writing such a good book.

— Mrs. F. (SAT Chinese Subject Test)

The lesson was really helpful for my son’s Harrow School Entrance Test. His result for the test was good.

— Mrs. M. (Entrance Test Prep)

My daughter joined the IGCSE Math course. I’m very impressed that the teacher provided a detailed set of notes and past papers to remind her of what had been taught over the past few months. I want to express my gratitude to the teacher for the sincerity shown in teaching every student.

— Mrs. L. (IGCSE Math)

Thank you again for your teaching. Because of you I got a 7 in SL Chemistry! Just wanted to let you know.

— Ernest (IB Chemistry)

I want to say thank you for all your help with my personal statements and supplements. I think they’re one of the main things that led to my acceptance. Thank you for giving me support, for reading my supplements, for giving me extra time for multiple lessons, and much more. It was great taking lessons with you. They’re part of the few that I don’t actually dread.

On another note, I know you’re busy with work and all but I hope you don’t stop teaching. It is not only your superb skills in English that make you a great teacher, but also the fact that you’re an awesome person who is very approachable, sincere and cool. That’s something I think students rarely find in teachers.

–E.C. (University Admissions)

I remember spending an unhealthy amount of time in your classroom over sophomore summer. I usually like private classes because the student and teacher establish a closer rapport thanks largely to funny mnemonics and awkward moment stories. The SAT course I took with you was a group class, but I felt the same sincerity in how you taught everything from strategies to gibberish-like vocabulary, how you listened to our worries, how you laughed along with our antics — and how you brought a class of five rambunctious strangers together. I would boast to any and all worried parents that your class was an encouraging introduction to the evil College Board™ world.

–S.N. (SAT Reasoning Test)

NTK is a member of the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) and subscribes to the Statement of Principles of Good Practice.