NTK H. H. Ng Scholarship 2023

We are beyond delighted to announce the number of this year’s H. H. Ng Scholarship recipients, who have proven themselves time and again to be committed to their studies and their academic journey.

20+ Full and Top Scorers (students scoring 43–45) deserve our highest praise for the extraordinary effort they put into achieving such outstanding results. These scholarship recipients have all demonstrated a curiosity for knowledge and perseverance throughout their IB years, and their success is an example to us all. NTK students earned over 100 7s in IBDP individual subjects in the 2022–2023 school year. It’s important to mention that students this year have to prepare for their exams under a difficult environment—face to face lessons may not have been available in the past two years due to the pandemic. It is truly remarkable that despite these challenging circumstances, our students have displayed exceptional dedication and resilience, achieving such outstanding results.

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