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Are you preparing for the IBDP English A exam? NTK Academic Group has guided IBDP students to exam success for 28 years. Our English teaching specialists, who were graduated from top schools, such as University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, University of London, McGill University, etc, have some valuable techniques to share with you, helpingContinue reading “IBDP English A: Language and Literature Paper 1 Exam Techniques”

As the new syllabi for IBDP Physics, Biology, and Chemistry are set to come into effect this fall, students must prepare well for the more demanding curriculum. The revised science syllabi will require students to demonstrate advanced knowledge in various concepts, including Relativity, Neural Signaling, and Enthalpy Change. Additionally, students must analyse and evaluate data,Continue reading “IBDP Science Subject Syllabus Updates in 2023”

Different universities in different countries require students to have different overseas public examination qualifications. Therefore, students should apply early for relevant exams in order to secure the chances of entering their desired overseas universities. IBDP Exam Start Date: 27th April, 2023  SAT® Exam Dates:  The exams are held outside of the US in March, May, June,Continue reading “Important Dates for International Exams in Hong Kong”

We are excited to announce that a South China Morning Post (SCMP) feature article about NTK was published on 1st August. Our Founder, Mr. T. K. Eric Ng, shared his educational vision while our academic teams discussed some study tips to tackle IBDP recent syllabus updates. Extract from the article: “I am committed to helpingContinue reading “[SCMP Feature]–NTK Academic Group’s Vision and IBDP Tips”