IB”BD” International Baccalaureate Bilingual Diploma

IB”BD” International Baccalaureate Bilingual Diploma

IBDP has been known for the last few decades to help shape students into becoming a holistic learner before the post-secondary education. With increased local students taking the international school pathway midway through their studies, many students are now qualified to complete the Diploma with both Language A options.

An IBBD opens the doors to many opportunities and is pivotal when applying to Mainland Chinese universities that are now placed among the top 50 universities globally, alongside Oxbridge, Hartford, Princeton, MIT, HKU, etc… Furthermore, universities now value the proficiency of the second language preparing students to become a global citizen after graduation. In fact, some international schools already require their students to attempt the IBBD if they speak both languages natively at home.

2022 marks many beginnings at NTK. We have upgraded our classrooms and have now up to 24 Interactive Teaching Studios in our 2 campuses. NTK English and Humanities Department has added a few new faces including teachers with a Master Degree in Literature and PhD. Our expert English and Chinese teachers will help students to achieve their full potential in both Language and Literature and Literature, TOK, and Extended Essays in either language.

For younger students still in their IB MYP or IGCSE years, our Core Language programmes will prepare them to improve their use of language and analytical skills, both crucial to successfully completing the IB requirements for the Language A subjects. Both Chinese and English courses will be taught by experienced teachers who are experts in the language.

The New Language Department, starting this year, will provide regular parent meetings for students joining our Regular Course in Fall to follow up the progress during the Academic Year. If you have any questions about the IB Diploma language requirements or other enquiries, contact us now to schedule a meeting with Dr. Ling and Mr. William Ho for a language course consultation.

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