NTK Seminar – Key Choices to University Applications – May 21

Post-secondary education is now readily accessible to students across the globe. An undergraduate degree becomes the basic requirement for most jobs in the market. The competitive advantage now lies on the choice of programme and the University in which the students will complete the degree.

Although selective Universities admit students with their own criteria, they often revolve around academic achievements, degree of involvement in the community and aptitude in communication. From our experience and expertise, university application preparations start as early as junior high school, students and parents will have to make important decisions that will eventually limit or expand their choices and chances.

Join our Education Consulting Team in the morning of May 21 to learn more about the decisions that you will need to make for successful applications to dream University. Students in their high school final years are welcome to have a short lesson to learn the foundation of US College essay writing. We look forward to seeing you in our centre soon!

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