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There are many differences between IB MYP and IGCSE. In a nutshell, IB MYP is a framework, IGCSE is a curriculum. In layman terms, IB MYP allows teachers to build a curriculum with guidelines; IGCSE is taught with straightforward teaching expecting specific outcomes (external examinations). In general, IGCSE examinations have the so-called right answers orContinue reading “【NTK IB MYP vs IGCSE】The school chose the programme, do we have a choice?”

IBDP has been known for the last few decades to help shape students into becoming a holistic learner before the post-secondary education. With increased local students taking the international school pathway midway through their studies, many students are now qualified to complete the Diploma with both Language A options. An IBBD opens the doors toContinue reading “IB”BD” International Baccalaureate Bilingual Diploma”