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Episode 4: Gender in A Streetcar Named Desire: A Quick Overview

Tennessee Williams, one of the greatest playwrights in the world of American drama, has talked about gender binaries in his play, A Streetcar Named Desire. The play was a big hit and its success was also subsequently elevated with the production of a movie adaptation, making it one of the most well-known plays of all time.

The plot of the play was rather straightforward and you can tell from just a brief summary of the play that gender is a binary one cannot afford to ignore. Listen to our audio content NOW and go through the play again specifically with deciphering binaries in mind to know what is a man and what is a woman in Tennessee Williams’ head.

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30 Jan 2023

Episode 3:  Poetry appreciation of Carol Ann Duffy’s Little Red Cap

This session will introduce the first poem in The World’s Wife, “Little Red Cap”, which is written by the UK poet, Carol Ann Duffy.

Duffy is commonly studied by IBDP students due to her poems’ provocative social, historical, and cultural contrast against the old literatures that they drew inspiration from. With the resumption of IBDP English A Paper 2, students will be required to gain a deeper understanding of the poems, allowing them to write a high scoring comparative essay during the exam.

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30 Jan 2023

Episode 2: English Literature Appreciation for William Golding

Imagine you are trapped on a deserted island, with no evidence of civilisation in sight. Do you think the experience would change you? 

This question is one examined by Nobel Prize-winning British author William Golding in his 1954 novel, Lord of the Flies. This classic is a teacher-favourite when it comes to selecting a novel for IGCSE coursework. In this episode, we will be discussing the historical context, synopsis and general theme of this famous novel about human nature. 

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19 Jan 2023

Episode 1: Learning the importance of slang

Languages and their variations have a role in both unifying and diversifying human societies. That’s because language usually conveys more than the literal meaning. IBDP English Language Exam candidates are expected to understand the use of language within its appropriate social, historical and cultural contexts.

This episode spotlights International Baccalaureate English Language within its framework. Even though NTK’s IBDP English students can speak confidently and proficiently in English, the IB Exam focuses on enhancing students’ abilities to comprehend and grasp the meaning of words specific to a generation, academic field, or culture.

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17 Jan 2023