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In a nutshell, the most excellent and lamentable tragedy in literature happened when a message did not get to Romeo, exiled to Mantua, warning him that Juliet was faking her death. Failing to deliver the letter out of Verona, Friar John explained that no messenger in the city, “[w]here the infectious pestilence did reign,” wouldContinue reading “Social distancing caused the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet?”

Course Timetables are available now! For many students, exams can be daunting; preparation is the key to overcoming the stress to achieve the highest potential in the final exams. NTK offers Easter Exam Drilling Course for major subjects in IBDP, IGCSE, GCE / IAL and AP exams. Our Drilling courses offer students the opportunity forContinue reading “Easter Exam Drilling Course”