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Language exams require complex analysis and mastering of rhetorical skills. Do you want to have high scores in your language subjects and wonder what the secrets are? Read on for some exclusive tips from NTK’s knowledgeable professionals to ace your public exams with improved reading and writing skills. 1. Identify the main topic of aContinue reading “【NTK】10 Secrets to Improving Reading and Writing for Public Exams”

The IBDP is committed to developing students’ knowledge of literary concepts and cultures expressed through other languages and teaching those languages to students. We understand that bilingual students might have native or near-native language skills with years of practice, but literary criticism and analytical essay writing could still be challenging. How do we overcome theseContinue reading “【NTK IB Diploma Course】- How to have a better performance in the Languages in the IB Exam?”

Early preparation is a good exam strategy to attain high scores in the public exams. Make full use of your winter break to study for the public exams, and NTK Winter Intensive Course, with its wide variety of offerings, is the best choice for students following international curricula. The courses will cover various topics andContinue reading “【NTK Winter Intensive Course】Enroll now and save up to HKD 3,400 before 30th November!”

Typhoon warning signal no. 8 is expected to affect Hong Kong in the next few hours. Our centers will be closed until further notice. Parents and students are advised to stay in a safe place. Feel free to contact us for more information: Telephone: 2577 7844 (Main Campus) / 2718 3000 (Kowloon Campus) WhatsApp: 5287Continue reading “Special arrangement for TYPHOON Signal 8 on 2nd November 2022”