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Job Highlights At NTK, our mission is to teach with passion and nurture a student’s full potential through academically rigorous instructions. Our English teachers are not simply tutors, but mentors, identifying each learner’s unique strengths and needs through careful and customised lesson planning. We resonate with our students to inspire their learning with passion, enthusiasmContinue reading “Teacher of English / English Literature”

Job Highlights At NTK, education comes first. We believe that academic success and quality teaching go hand in hand. Being a Economics Teacher at NTK is a challenging yet rewarding experience, there is nothing more gratifying than making a positive impact on the lives of students. We look for a Economics teacher who demonstrate traitsContinue reading “Teacher of Economics / Business”

德勤教育中心是東南亞區據領導地位的教育服務機構。我們提供涵蓋IB, AP, I/GCSE, GCE-A LEVEL, SAT,託福,雅思,統一入學考試及香港本地制等眾多考試體系的不同課程。 工作内容  受聘者職責 教授國際中文課程 設計新課程,製作及修訂教材 執行其他非教學工作,如撰寫學生進度報告 參與其他與學術有關的項目,如學術講座 資歷要求 持有中國語言文學或相關學位 有意在教育機構作長遠發展 有中文補習經驗者優先考慮 有意者請將個人履歷電郵至recruitment@ntk.edu.hk。