ACT® Test

The ACT® is a standardized test for high school achievement and college admissions in the United States; ACT scores are accepted by all four-year colleges and universities in the US. The ACT consists of four tests: English, Mathematics, Reading and Science Reasoning. There is an optional writing section to the ACT as well.

SectionTime AllottedScore Range
English45 minutes1 – 36
Mathematics60 minutes1 – 36
Reading35 minutes1 – 36
Science35 minutes1 – 36
Writing (optional)40 minutes2 – 12
Total (Composite Score)175 (215) minutes1- 36

ACT® Courses

ACT® Section Focused (Mathematics and Science)

This course is intended to equip students with the skills necessary to tackle the Mathematics and Science components of the ACT. With paper drilling and exam practice as the core focus, this course enables students to apply learned knowledge and skills to achieve maximum results in their exams. At the end of the course, students will have acquired important terminology and exam techniques.

ACT® Section Focused (English)

Lessons will focus on all of the language skills required. The English section comprises usage/mechanics, and rhetorical skills: style, strategy, transitions, and organization. The Reading section consists of questions about prose passages in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. The optional Writing test is a response to a given prompt about a social issue applicable to high school students. Although the writing section is optional, some schools do require an essay score and will factor it into the admissions decision.

ACT® Drilling Course (English/ Mathematics)

This course is intended for students who plan on taking the ACT soon, and want to drill full English, Mathematics and Science sections to practice their timing and test-taking strategies in real-exam conditions

Key Learning Outcomes

Gain a thorough understanding of key topics
Practise and sharpen answering skills
Enhance test-taking confidence