H. H. Ng Scholarship 2023

H. H. Ng Scholarship 2023

The application period begins on 5th July.

About H. H. Ng Scholarship

The H. H. Ng Scholarship was established in memory of the late father of Mr. T. K. Ng, founder of NTK Academic Group. It recognises the outstanding achievements of students who have worked hard in their academic pursuits. If you’re a student who is interested in applying for the H. H. Ng Scholarship, you should carefully review the eligibility requirements, and gather all the necessary information and documents, such as transcripts, exam results and recommendations from teachers, to complete your application.

Application Deadline

21st July, 2023 (IBDP, AP®)

28th August, 2023 (IGCSE, GCE AL / IAL, ACT® / SAT®)


● Students must meet specific academic criteria, like exceptional performance in international exams.

● Students must have attended at least 30 hours of lessons at NTK, which may include courses, private lessons or the Easter Drilling Course.

● If the number of qualified applicants exceeds the number of scholarships available, priority consideration will be given to candidates with higher scores.

By submitting the application form, you agree to abide by the details of the agreement.

Terms and conditions: https://ntk.edu.hk/terms-and-conditions/

Our Previous Recipients

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