Passionate Educators

Leading learning centre providing education services in international curricula with a team of 90 committed teachers. And we are still growing.

Multicultural Working Environment

At NTK, teachers will have the opportunity to explore different curricula and best practices for teaching. Our students come from a multitude of cultural and educational backgrounds and teachers can easily find themselves teaching a British student in the morning and a Japanese student in the afternoon.

Our work environment is just as diverse and intellectually stimulating. Many of our teachers are alumni of the world’s top universities, hailing from the US, UK, Europe and Asia. Our teachers have outstanding accolades ranging from master’s degrees to PhDs, and are all passionate about teaching and learning. Very often an academic discussion will prompt the creation of a new teaching method, class activity or academic workshop.

Professional Development

All teachers attend comprehensive and rigorous training programmes, and have access to extensive resources upon joining our team. The goal is to help them become successful teachers.

Training focuses on teaching skills, classroom interaction, language competencies and subject knowledge. Individual mentors are assigned to new staff to offer guidance and advice for the best teaching approach. With continuous training and feedback, our staff will develop language proficiency and problem-solving skills that will allow them to deliver quality teaching services to students.

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