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With the ease of the COVID-19 pandemic, the IBDP and IGCSE Exams are returning to their traditional format and content, which is very different from that of the past 3 years. Students are expected to make more effort to achieve academic success and secure admission into their dream schools and universities. We understand that parentsContinue reading “【NTK Seminar】REGISTER NOW! Learn about the latest exam trends and strategies for IGCSE and IBDP from our experienced education experts! (Refer a friend to earn HKD 2,000 special voucher in total!)”

International exams are coming in 50 days. It’s time to start the drilling practice in the final stage! Ms. Daisy Wong, one of the top scorers in the IBDP Exam, shared her secret to achieving academic success. In the past year, she joined NTK Exam Drilling Course, during which she practised and studied lots ofContinue reading “【NTK Sharing】The secret of our top scorer: NTK mock papers”

Language conveys distinct messages within different contexts. NTK offers you a glimpse of the use of the English language through various approaches and vantage points. You may conveniently listen and learn from our professional language team with the NTK podcast channel anytime, anywhere. Each episode will discuss an English Language and Literature topic that internationalContinue reading “【NTK Audio Content】Tune into NTK Podcasts and explore the use of language from different perspectives!”

International exams are coming in 50 days. It’s time to start the drilling practice in the final stage! NTK provides the Exam Drilling Course for IBDP, IGCSE, GCE AL and AP® Exam students, offering intensive results-oriented instructions that specialise in the questions and format of the international exams. Our world-class instructors and experts will alsoContinue reading “【NTK Exam Drilling Course】Enrol NOW! Boost your exam results in the final 50 days!”

After an intense study period, have you fully grasped the knowledge of various IBDP subjects, and would you like to further improve to achieve a perfect score in the IBDP Exam? Getting a perfect score in the IBDP Exam isn’t easy but not impossible. Follow the guidance of our experienced educators on how to beContinue reading “【IBDP Super Intensive Elite Course】Check out 5 effective methods to achieve academic success. Grab the opportunity now!”

This is the last call to get brilliant results in international exams! The international exams are coming in just 100 days. Don’t miss the opportunity to boost your exam skills and improve your grades in the final sprint! There are only two weeks before the Super Intensive Course begins. If you haven’t already registered forContinue reading “Enrol now. Last call for Super Intensive and Super Intensive Elite Course!”

The international exams are coming in just 120 days. Have you ever found that you have fading memory on some old key points that leads to an incomplete knowledge system, and that you can’t answer the questions correctly in the exams? It is likely that you didn’t have enough training and review on your oldContinue reading “【NTK Spring Intensive Course】How to review your study plan in the most effective ways: 5 secrets from our science teaching experts”

Have you found a way to boost your performance in the final sprint? NTK strives to provide the best exam preparation with our Spring Intensive Course (Super Intensive Course and Super Intensive Elite Course, Easter Term Break Intensive Course, Exam Drilling Course) to help you consolidate understanding of key topics, identify weaknesses and improve uponContinue reading “【NTK Spring Intensive Course】Enrolment begins: boost your study performance in last four months”