Winter intensive course

Winter Intensive Course is your first step towards success.

NTK offers a series of IBDP, GCE AL, I/GCSE, US Test Prep and Junior Academy winter intensive courses tailored for boarding and international school students. It is an ideal opportunity for students to revise essential topics and improve weak areas for the public exam.

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Main Campus / Kowloon Campus 

Our winter intensive courses pave students’ way to achieving top grades in final exams. Last winter, over 60 NTK students received outstanding results after taking our intensive courses. In the past three academic years, more than 60 students attained full and top scores (43-45) in their IB exams, and we have over 360 results of the highest grade of 7. 
The courses will cover various topics and question types that students find most challenging in exams. Students will also be guided comprehensively on how to write high-scoring answers and reach their full potential.
Students will be able to:
✔ Gain a thorough understanding of the key topics
✔ Practise and sharpen answering skills
✔ Identify weaknesses and improve on these areas
✔ Enhance test-taking confidence
Winter Intensive Course will cover IBDP, UK curricula, US Test Prep, and Junior Academy.


IBDP students are evaluated regularly throughout their two years of studies through IAs and exams. Our Winter Intensive Course helps students navigate these assessments effectively with key topics review and targeted exam practice.

UK Curriculum

I/GCSE could be the first public exam for some students; GCE AL can be daunting as the final exam scores are crucial for university admissions. NTK Winter Intensive Course aims to consolidate key topics and prepare students for their exams.

US Test Prep

Students who plan to study abroad in the US are required or encouraged to take the SSAT®, PSAT, SAT®, or ACT®. Attaining good results in these tests will undoubtedly give students a better chance to enter the selective schools which only admit a few percent of their applicants. The Winter Intensive Course acts as a time-saving channel for students to get ready for the tests promptly.

Junior Academy

Language abilities, mathematical and science aptitudes are fundamental for students at a young age. NTK Winter Intensive Course aims to quickly develop the right attitude in studying languages and mathematics through immersive learning experiences and hands-on science projects that relate the students to the real world.


For enrollment of the Winter intensive Course, you can get in touch with our Education Services Officer via WhatsApp, email ( or phone during office hours.


Main Campus: (852) 2577 7844

Kowloon Campus: (852) 2718 3000

Study Together Programme

NTK’s Study Together Programme allows you to refer your friends and enjoy a tuition discount together.

For each successful referral, both you and your study partner(s) will earn a HKD 1,000 tuition offer!

In December, you will even get an extra HKD 200 bonus for each referral.

Terms and conditions

Gain a thorough understanding of key topics
Practise and sharpen answering skills
Enhance test-taking confidence

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