October Intensive Course

October Intensive Course – for IBDP, GCE AL and I/GCSE students
Boost your exam performance during term break

With assessments and exams fast approaching, NTK offers a series of IBDP, GCE AL and I/GCSE intensive courses tailored for boarding and international school students. These are five-day courses that cover the topics and question types that students find most challenging in exams. We will teach students how to write high-scoring responses and realise their highest potential.

These courses are excellent for IBDP, GCE AL and I/GCSE students to review key points in the syllabus and collate their understanding of selected topics. Students will then be able to apply their skills and knowledge through intensive past paper drilling, and further refine their skills with detailed question analyses.

Course Highlights: 

1) Develop and refine skills to get a top score in IBDP, GCE AL and I/GCSE 
2) Review test content and sharpen your effective exam techniques 
3) Practise primarily on past papers and mastering different question types
4) Tackle difficult questions with proper techniques and knowledge

IBDP (Year 1 / Year 2) , GCE AL, I/GCSE (Year 1 / Year 2)  (Flexible enrollment by topics)

Course period: 
Students can choose one of the time slots below:

(Round A) 17 – 21 October 2022, Monday to Friday  
(Round B) 24 – 28 October 2022, Monday to Friday
HK$1,080 / session (85 mins) for I/GCSE (Year 1 / Year 2) students
HK$1,275 / session (85 mins) for IBDP (Year 1 / Year 2) students
HK$1,275 / session (85 mins) for GCE AL students

Now, spend this term break more wisely with our October Intensive Course, consolidating the foundational knowledge and skills and test-taking confidence in all your subjects. 
You can get better prepared for your exams!


Gain a thorough understanding of key topics
Practise and sharpen answering skills
Enhance test-taking confidence




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