【Learn from NTK English Team】Don’t Miss out! 10 Must-Know Tips for IBDP and IGCSE English Exams from Our Global English Experts

【Learn from NTK English Team】Don’t Miss out! 10 Must-Know Tips for IBDP and IGCSE English Exams from Our Global English Experts

Are you an IBDP or IGCSE student looking for a boost to your English international exam skills? Look no further! NTK professional English experts have got some helpful tips for you.


Paper 1

1. Begin by reading the entire text (including images for Language and Literature) to pick up on the context, such as the location, time, and author.

2. Make sure to fully annotate the text (and images) before diving into the analysis.

3. Dedicate time to organising your essay before writing, as 25% of the mark is attributed to the structure of your writing.

Paper 2 (First exam since the syllabus update in 2020)

4. Memorise important quotations because you cannot bring your texts into the exam room.

5. Prepare well for the exam and focus on the “why” because 67% of the mark is attributed to your understanding and analysis of the texts.


6. Hone your paraphrasing and quotation skills to excel in exams.

7. Do not stop at simply identifying images, explain them with imaginative language.

8. Some questions do not have marks for Writing AOs, but do keep a neat structure to your answers to give clarity and organisation.

9. Focus on either Descriptive or Narrative Writing in Paper 2, and practise a lot. (CIE)

10. Prepare well the anthology, examiners expect students to fully grasp the implicit and explicit meanings of the studied texts. (Edexcel)

Learn from World-Class Educational Experts

Our team of educational experts comes from a global background and boasts a proven track record in preparing students for international exams. They’re here to provide you with the best strategies and techniques to excel in your IBDP and IGCSE Exams. 

Alexandra Sylte

  • Specialised in IGCSE CIE and Edexcel, AP English and AP History
  • AP Scholar with Distinction
  • B.A. in History 
  • McGill University, Canada
  • Students from: GSIS, SIS, Charterhouse, Kent, etc.

David Liang

  • Specialised in IGCSE English Literature and World Literature, IB English Language and Literature
  • Expert in 19th and 20th Century Literature
  • M.A. in English Literature
  • University of London, UK

Jan Hammerquist

  • Specialised in IB English Literature and English Language and Literature
  • Expert in Literature 
  • M.A. in English Literature and Linguistics
  • Over 10 years of English teaching experience in the US, Europe and Asia

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