【NTK Last-Minute Day Camp】Maximise Your Exam Scores with NTK’s Last-Minute Preparation Camp!

【NTK Last-Minute Day Camp】Maximise Your Exam Scores with NTK’s Last-Minute Preparation Camp!

Time is running out! Do you need help to revise well in the time you have left? We’ve got some excellent news for you! Our Last Minute Exam Preparation Camp, designed exclusively for IGCSE, IBDP, GCE AL, and SAT® students, is something we are thrilled to announce. It is suitable for either first or second year students to strengthen their exam skills.

This one-day camp is specifically designed to assist students in refining their time management skills, pinpointing key ideas that need further memorisation and clarification, and by practising past papers by topic. With little time to study for upcoming exams, building yourself up intelligently is a critical step to your success.

The Last-Minute Exam Preparation Camp highlights are as follows:

  • Review key and principal points of the exam syllabus 
  • Participate in intensive paper drilling sessions followed by detailed analysis 
  • Receive last-minute tips to enhance your performance and boost your scores
  • Gain familiarity with exam-style questions and formats
  • Identify common mistakes and avoid exam traps
  • Understand the marking scheme to maximise your scores

Seats are limited, and we urge you to contact our Education Service Officers as soon as possible to secure your spot. Join us today and take the last chance to set yourself up for academic success this year!

Last-Minute Exam Preparation Camp

Date: April 7, 8 and 10 (One-day camp)

Curriculum: IGCSE, IBDP, GCE AL and SAT®

To register for the Last-Minute Exam Preparation Camp or for more information, please contact our Education Service Officers via WhatsApp, email (enquiry@ntk.edu.hk) or phone during office hours.


Main Campus: (852) 2577 7844

Kowloon Campus: (852) 2718 3000

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