【NTK Exam Drilling Course】Don’t let exam anxiety hold you back – Join our Exam Drilling Course TODAY!

Are you feeling anxious about the upcoming international exams? Do you want to be fully prepared and confident to ace your exams? We are here to help!

NTK Exam Drilling Course is designed to increase students’ competence and confidence for the exams by providing intensive training in time management and exam-taking strategies. The course is taught by world-class instructors and experts who will provide intensive results-oriented instructions that specialise in the questions and format of the international exams. We will also provide more than five mock exam papers that are almost 80% similar to the questions and format of the official exams. 

The course will take place during the final month before the exams, allowing you to maximise your preparation time and ensure that you are exam-ready. Our flexible schedules cater for your busy lifestyle, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

Don’t wait until the last minute to prepare for your exams. Join our Exam Drilling Course today and get the confidence and skills you need to perform at your best on the exam days.

To register for the course or for more information, please contact our Education Service Officers via WhatsApp, email (enquiry@ntk.edu.hk) or phone during office hours.


Main Campus: (852) 2577 7844

Kowloon Campus: (852) 2718 3000

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