【Only 50 days left】 Boost Your Exam Prep with NTK’s Exam Drilling Course. Don’t miss out!

For over two decades, NTK has provided the Exam Drilling Course during the final sprint before international exams, which is aimed at IBDP, IGCSE, GCE AL and AP® Exam students. NTK has proudly offered its students a pathway to the world’s top schools and universities. 

NTK students have a track record of achieving high scores in international exams after joining the Exam Drilling Course.

Over 27 years with 35,000+ students:

  • More than 4,200 7s in individual IBDP subjects
  • Over 3,600 9/A*s in individual IGCSE subjects
  • More than 2,000 NTK students have achieved full scores in AP®, SAT®, and ACT®
  • Over 1,100 A*s in individual GCE AL/IAL subjects

Many top scorers shared with us that joining NTK’s Exam Drilling Course to practise lots of mock papers in the final stage helped them achieve academic success. It is very important to practise mock papers to fill in the knowledge gaps, become accustomed to exam conditions in advance, and learn how to manage exam nerves in order to avoid panic situations. 

NTK’s Exam Drilling Course

We provide:

  • More than 5 mock exam papers that highly resemble the questions and format of the international exams, which are created by our exam specialists
  • Designed and instructed by our professional educators who are expert at the exam structure and strategies
  • Apply exam techniques and time management skills in paper drilling sessions
  • Review of the latest exam trends and marking criteria with our exam specialists

You can strengthen your foundational concepts through additional practice, particularly making full use of mock exam papers. And our experienced teaching experts will give useful feedback on your performance to help maximise your potential for academic success.

Enrol in the Exam Drilling Course NOW! You can get in touch with our Education Service Officers via WhatsApp, email (enquiry@ntk.edu.hk) or phone during office hours.


Main Campus: (852) 2577 7844

Kowloon Campus: (852) 2718 3000

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