【NTK Audio Content】Tune into NTK Podcasts and explore the use of language from different perspectives!

【NTK Audio Content】Tune into NTK Podcasts and explore the use of language from different perspectives!

Language conveys distinct messages within different contexts. NTK offers you a glimpse of the use of the English language through various approaches and vantage points. You may conveniently listen and learn from our professional language team with the NTK podcast channel anytime, anywhere. Each episode will discuss an English Language and Literature topic that international high school students would study in different curricula. Click to listen and dive into a new learning experience.

The first episode: Learning the importance of slang which spotlights International Baccalaureate English Language within its framework is shared by our English teacher Dr. Linus Chan. He is our subject specialist who has over 4 years of English teaching experience in all types of international exams and makes the effort to engage students in both practical textbook knowledge and inspiring discussions.

Content Highlights

Languages and their variations have a role in both unifying and diversifying human societies. That’s because language usually conveys more than the literal meaning. Even though NTK’s IBDP English students can speak confidently and proficiently in English, the IB Exam focuses on enhancing students’ abilities to comprehend and grasp the meaning of words specific to a generation, academic field, or culture. Therefore, IBDP English Language Exam candidates are expected to understand the use of language within its appropriate social, historical and cultural contexts.

To prepare IBDP students for the international exams, NTK also provides the Exam Drilling Course which includes intensive, results-oriented instruction specialising in exam questions and format. In the past 3 academic years, more than 60 NTK students attained full and top scores (43-45) in their IB Exams after joining the course. 

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