【IBDP Super Intensive Elite Course】Check out 5 effective methods to achieve academic success. Grab the opportunity now!

【IBDP Super Intensive Elite Course】Check out 5 effective methods to achieve academic success. Grab the opportunity now!

After an intense study period, have you fully grasped the knowledge of various IBDP subjects, and would you like to further improve to achieve a perfect score in the IBDP Exam? Getting a perfect score in the IBDP Exam isn’t easy but not impossible. Follow the guidance of our experienced educators on how to be successful in the examination and actualise your dream.

1. Analyse the latest subject syllabus

It helps outline exactly what you need to know for the exam. Analysing every detail and building a thorough exam knowledge system is an important basis for achieving the perfect score.

2. Develop an efficient and productive study routine with an organised timetable

A routine helps you eliminate confusion and chart a clear study path.

3. Find your study style

Experiment with different learning styles and find out what works best for you. 

4. Never leave problems unsolved and make your own IBDP Question Bank

Ask immediately for your teacher’s help to deal with problems you are confused about, and collect these questions in your own question bank to review them frequently later.

5. Prepare earlier

IBDP Exam assesses the comprehensive abilities of students, and it takes a long time to develop these skills. You have to consistently and regularly immerse yourself in the subject content to know how to apply the knowledge in the exam.

NTK provides IBDP Super Intensive Elite Course from February to March.

  • Designed and instructed by our team of IB Examiners and teachers who were trained in IB workshops
  • Intensive review supplemented with Official IB Examiners’ reports and past papers
  • Results-driven learning of IBDP exam key concepts 
  • In-depth training on different question types and exam techniques for high achievers

The course is designed for students aiming for a grade of 6 or 7. And in the past three academic years, more than 60 NTK students attained full and top scores (43-45) in their IB exams after joining the course.

Grab the opportunity and enrol in the course NOW! You can be one of the perfect scorers in IBDP Exam!

Enquire Now

Enrolment of the Super Intensive Elite Course begins now. Get in touch with our Education Service Officers via WhatsApp, email (enquiry@ntk.edu.hk) or phone during office hours.


Main Campus: (852) 2577 7844

Kowloon Campus: (852) 2718 3000

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