NTK 2022 Academic Annual Report

NTK 2022 Academic Annual Report

The year of 2022 has seen COVID-19 impact on the world relent, and NTK persevered. We are deeply impressed that our teachers, staff, parents and students have, in fact, made an even greater effort to advance our teaching and learning in an environment where we are once again a vital and thriving group.

After years of drilling and preparation, our students have achieved distinguished results in international exams and we proudly congratulate them. In 2022, our IGCSE, GCE AL/IAL students improved significantly through our classes. Over 60 NTK students attained full and top scores, and we have more than 360 7s in the IB Exam.

We would like to thank all NTK students for their hard work and experienced teachers for their guidance. On top of that we also highly appreciate NTK parents for their support over the years. Your support is our driving force to keep moving forward.

While modern technology enables us to successfully deliver education to our students during the pandemic, face-to-face, hands-on, and collaborative teaching and learning remain the heart of our educational mission. As we return to the normal school days ahead, NTK will continue to explore teaching methods to improve students’ academic performance and help them achieve their dreams. Please check out our latest course information updates on various international curricula.

NTK wishes you a peaceful and joyous holiday with your family and good health for the coming year. Happy New Year! 

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