Last Call for Winter Intensive Course (one week left!)

This is the last call to get brilliant results in public exams!

The winter break is coming, have you planned your study schedule? Don’t miss out on the opportunity to identify and overcome your weaknesses! There is only one week before the Winter Intensive Course begins on 12 December. If you haven’t already registered for the courses, please do so right away.

NTK offers a series of IBDP, GCE AL, IGCSE, US Test Prep, and Junior Academy Winter Intensive Course to help you learn at the most suitable pace and enhance your test-taking confidence.

The courses will cover the most challenging exam topics and question types selected by our experienced teaching experts. Students will gain a thorough understanding of the key points, complete various practices and sharpen their answering skills.

NTK Study Together Programme

NTK provides Study Together Programme which allows you to refer your friends and enjoy a tuition discount together. For each successful referral, both you and your study partner(s) will earn a HKD 1,000 tuition offer! In December, you will even get an extra HKD 200 bonus for each referral.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The terms “new student” and “study partner” in this Programme refer to non-registered students of NTK. The Programme does not apply to the referral of existing NTK students.
  • The referees should be different individuals. The offer under this Programme is non-transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash or other benefits.
  • To register a study partner, you must complete the study partner registration procedure with our Education Service Officer. Our Education Service Officer will inform you upon a successful referral, as well as the application deadline for registration.

Check out Winter Intensive Course and timetable now.
Main Campus / Kowloon Campus 

Grasp the chance to boost your academic performance!

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