How to utilise your study time during winter break at NTK?

Winter break is coming, which is the perfect time to revise and get well prepared for your exam. NTK offers Winter Intensive Course, which includes IBDP, GCE AL, IGCSE, US Test Prep and Junior Academy. During the lessons, our experienced experts will teach students how to write high-scoring answers and assist them in determining the best learning methods.

We have a track record of producing high-achieving students in public exams. In the last 3 years, over 60 NTK students have achieved full and top scores, and there were more than 360 7s in individual IB subjects.

Check out Winter Intensive Course and timetable now.
Main Campus / Kowloon Campus 

How to make use of your free time in between NTK lessons?

We understand that when studying, it is critical to stay focused and avoid distractions. To help you concentrate, we provide a quiet study area for NTK students to revise independently or in groups. 

Come between your NTK lessons to check out our study area on the 5/F.

The use of study area requires booking.

Students from the following schools have the premium offer of using a private study room: 
Chinese International School
The ISF Academy
Victoria Shanghai Academy
Singapore International School

Please call 2577 7844 (Main Campus) and speak with our Education Services Officer. You can make a booking via WhatsApp as well.

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