【NTK IB Diploma Course】- Practical suggestions for the IB Economics and Mathematics Exam

【NTK IB Diploma Course】- Practical suggestions for the IB Economics and Mathematics Exam

Getting a 45 in the IBDP is a challenging task. It requires extreme effort, and many exam tactics and guidelines to help you along the way. How can we overcome the challenges and pass the IBDP with flying colours?

In the Mathematics exam, there are often marks for both the method and the correct answer. Students will get some scores by demonstrating the calculation procedure.

Mr. Derek Yim (Mathematics)

Students should show their working process clearly, even if their answers may not be correct. If you cannot figure out the solution to some parts, you can continue to work on the rest and gain some marks with a reasonable answer. And remember to use a graphic display calculator for some parts and save more time.

Indeed, students should finish textbook exercises and work through individual or entire sets of past papers to make sure they understand everything and can apply the corresponding concepts in the questions.

Developing two sided arguments is essential for an Economics essay. Therefore, students should carefully plan the diagrams and real-world examples, and apply them to the discussions.

Mr. Jimmy Chan (Economics)

To score high on an Economics essay, students should work on evaluation techniques such as cost-and-benefit analysis or suggestions of alternative solutions. Restating the arguments in the final paragraph does not add any point to the essay. Instead, students should develop a reasoned judgement to score top marks in the evaluation.

In the past few years, over 30 NTK students attained full scores, over 80 secured 43-45, and we have overall 320 results of the highest grade of 7. We deliver quality IB courses that are designed to assist students in advancing their academic knowledge and doing their best in every class and exam. Instead of spending the entire night studying on your own, you can review concepts and refresh your knowledge with our teachers, who will evaluate your study progress and provide expert advice.

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