IB Exam starts in 21 days (Updated)

The IB exam timetable is intense; students will sit at least 12 exams in 6 subjects within 21 days, that is on average more than a paper every 2 days! With that said, once the exam period begins, it is strongly recommended that students would rest as much as possible between exams. That means, the studying must start now!

With a little less than a month, the best strategy is to begin doing full mock papers to fine tune the time management and to dig out the few concepts that still need memorisation and/or clarification. NTK Exam Drilling Papers have up to 96% matching rates compared to real exams in terms of topics and question types. You will feel much more confident after completing at least 3 to 4 drilling papers in each subjects.

Some of you may feel slightly unprepared for doing a full mock right now; NTK specially opened the Easter Last-Minute Day Camp to go over some of the important topics in each of the selected subjects.

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