Schooling may be interrupted or changed, learning continues

There are numerous theories and claims about COVID-19 across the globe; the surge of “fake” news and “pretended” experts became a byproduct of the technological advancement in communication. How do we separate real knowledge from false claims? Theory of Knowledge (TOK), the core subject in the IBDP curriculum, offers guidance to students to answer the question “How do we know?”. In fact, in the search for an answer to this fundamental philosophical question, Socrates came to the conclusion, more than 2000 years ago: The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”  

One thing we know is that many students, one way or the other, will see a disruption or change in their study in the coming months. It is important that students should not stop learning. Whether it is to dive back into the immensely humongous world of internet sorting out the verified facts about COVID, or to pick up a book of that particular subject that they do not fully understand, students are encouraged to maintain a habit of learning through the coming months. After the Easter holidays, students will face their final assessments (public exams or in-school assessments), verifying their knowledge of the subjects that they have learnt. 

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