Easter Exam Drilling Course

Easter Exam Drilling Course

Course Timetables are available now!

For many students, exams can be daunting; preparation is the key to overcoming the stress to achieve the highest potential in the final exams. NTK offers Easter Exam Drilling Course for major subjects in IBDP, IGCSE, GCE / IAL and AP exams.

Our Drilling courses offer students the opportunity for full-length exam practice, featuring mock papers that are historically 85% matching to real exams (in terms of question types and topics) and are unavailable elsewhere. Feedback sessions led by our Examiners and Curriculum Specialists will provide detailed analysis of student responses and step-by-step guidance to help them improve their answers. We recommend that students sit for 2-3 sets of our Drilling papers per subject to develop an awareness of the topics and question types that might appear in and also to gauge their readiness for their final exams. For motivated students who want to take the extra step, up to 7 papers are available for each subject.

Students also can join the Easter Exam Drilling Course online. Contact an Education Services Officer to enrol now!

Are you feeling unprepared for the exam? Join the Super Intensive or Super Intensive Elite Course to get a comprehensive review of the entire syllabus before practicing a full mock exam!

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